Our Philosophy




Our Clients Come First

Our mission at North Star Financial Advisors is to provide you with the leadership and broad range of trusted advice to navigate your way to financial security, however you may define it. 


Because we are independent Investment Adviser Representatives, we have the advantage of gaining access to a very broad array of investment and insurance choices.  We work only for you and keep your best interests in mind.  We have no hidden pressures or incentives from company executives. 


How we strive to serve every client:

Care for our clients in the way that we’d want for ourselves. We founded this company to be the kind of place where we’d want to be clients. We would want to be respected, informed, heard, with no question that our needs always come first. 


Treat clients like people, not like portfolio balances. One thing you’ll notice about our firm is that we are friendly.  Down to earth.  And good listeners.  Having been in the business a long time, we’ve learned that each person travels a unique path to financial success.  We have also learned valuable lessons from the market volatility and economic cycles that provide such challenges to the individual investor.


Build long-term relationships.  We care most about your goals so we focus on long term relationships.  Because of this focus, we know you well and can therefore customize strategies and investments based on your individual needs.  We help you see down the road to anticipate upcoming challenges and opportunities. 

Practice the "Three P's" for prudent investing.   At North Star Financial, we follow prudent financial principles when investing your money.  We adhere to a risk-managed investment approach that emphasizes the importance of asset allocation and having a well-diversified portfolio.  By doing so we attempt to:

  • Protect your investments against full market loss in bear markets
  • Perform by generating some measure of inflation-adjusted gains in a trendless market
  • Participate by capturing healthy returns generated in bull markets

Asset allocation and diversification programs do not assure a profit or protect against loss in declining markets. No program can guarantee that any objective or goal will be achieved.